Be bold and promote yourself

Step 1

Choose a photo

Step 2

Add the tags

Step 3

Write a message

Step 4


The Rating

A simple and efficient rating algorithm

Step 1

Rate the outfit.

Step 2

Rate the photo quality.

Step 3

Boost automatically based on your personal score.

The post will receive the total amount of above stars.

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The Profile Score

Check your private dashboard

The profile score is the total amount of post scores within the last 90 days.

The score for each post is calculated as follows:

Score = Post_Stars * (Outfit_Average + Photo_Quality_Average)

The rank scale is dynamically adjusted based on all users current activity.

The frequency and the quality of your posts will help you to achieve a higher profile score.

This way, the competition is always open.

Your Store

Promote your products

Step 1

Become a member


Allows you to promote your store in RedCarpet.
Become a member.

Step 2

Add your products

Login into and start to add your products. It is an intuitive interface where you can add items one by one or bulk upload.

Your products will immediately become visible in the app.

Step 3

Check your store in the app

Your store and products will be visible in Promotions and Stores.

Step 4

Promote your store

Share posts, related to your store, on the public wall.
Do not forget to tag your store items in order for everyone to be able to see them in the post gallery (see below the photo).