Credit (RCC)

Our vision was built in a way that will lead to the creation of a large ecosystem where RCC will play an important role both for our business partners and for our users. Its purpose is to complete a full circle starting from the necessity of our partners to own RCC in order to create advertising campaigns inside the app and the advantage of using it as an incentive to our users, and our users contentment of being able to use RCC for in app purchases and discounts. More, our users can buy and store RCC to benefit from its price evolution and afterwards they have the possibility to transfer it inside the app depending on their interest.

From our perspective, we see a great potential in RCC future and we will do our best to find and implement it in sections of the app where its nature is more suited. RCC ramifications are endless due to its fast and easy circulation inside our ecosystem.

Important Announcement

Due to the public health and economic conditions, we have suspended the RCC price updates. However, due to the following reasons, the price dropped significantly and we consider that it is our duty to inform you about this matter:

  • MAU, user request app updates, and new installs drastically dropped due to quarantine.
  • The Development Add-on Value (DAV) - No new releases due to freezing of the development caused by the MAU dropping and economical climate.
  • Loss of revenue due to the quarantine and economical climate.
  • Team challenges due to the mentioned causes.

The estimated time of recovery of RCC price is 18-24 months from the end of the pandemic and economic crisis.

RCC Chart




0.2 RCC

Image Promoter

0.5 RCC

Trend Setter


Premium Covers have different design from the free one, and it's meant to offer an unique feeling of being on a prestigious cover magazine. By purchasing a premium cover, the user achieves not only an image tool, but also it helps him / her to be found much easier in the app by Brands, Locations and other people. Filters like "Influencer", "Image Promoter" and "Trend Setter" will reveal the trending accounts of users in the "People" section.

RCC Calculator (Formula)

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