Fill in the online form and our team will get in contact with you

Register new location account in 3 easy steps: install the app, login and apply.

Step 1

- Install -

Install the app for free from Google Play or App Store.

Step 2

- Login and get the username -

Step 3

- Go to the website and apply -

Go to our website, on "Partners-Places" page and choose "Apply" button to complete the form. Please notice the username field obtained in the previous step.

- Assigning the Location account -

After submitting the online form, our team will review it and and call you for the confirmation. Your user account will be converted into a Location Account. Go to "My Profile" -> "Edit", to edit your profile.

Activities on your location account




It is enabled only for users present in the same location, at the same event. Perfect way to establish new connections!

Ways of promoting your location

RCC / Star

Cost per STAR - assignment of a limited RCC number via "Star", accompanied by a customised message

RCC / “Going to”

Cost per "Share Going to" - rewarding users who use the "Going to" functionality in relation to Location

RCC / “Location tag”

Cost per "Location Tag" - rewarding users who tag the Location in a post

RCC / “Location tag live”

Cost per "Location Tag-Live" - rewarding users who tag the Location at a live event