The Rating Algorithm

A simple and efficient rating algorithm

The classic system with one user, one like/star per post was replaced in with a comprehensive algorithm that gives you the possibility to give stars for both the outfit and the photo quality of the post. Also, together with your choice, an additional number of stars is given based on your profile "power".

So, when you star a post, you actually give a bunch of stars based on the below formula:

Total_Stars = Outfit_Stars + Picture_Stars + Your_Profile_Stars

That means you have the opportunity to tune your appreciation regarding the outfit and the picture quality. More than that, your personal profile stars will be added, increasing the final result.

Regarding your audience, you can always check the persons who rated your post, but without being able to see the number of stars received from each one of them.

The reason behind not showing per-user-stars is to offer the chance for everyone to be as honest as possible regarding the veracity of the rating.