It is a world of its own, where users, brands, locations and events are closer than ever


The app is built on 2 pylons: fashion and fun, where brands and locations will have a big role to play! was inspired and

created for people

We know that the online representation of what “well dressed” means is different for every individual. embeds the full experience of how a person feels, looks, and acts like a star. Being focused on life experiences, the app encourages users to share their image at various events, from fancy ones, cultural, business, sport or private, giving every user the opportunity to shine with confidence!

The interaction with the app is designed to be simple and intuitive, as it's inspired by people's natural behavior. We know how important the personal image is; we invest in it time, effort, money, and care, as it is important for us to not only admire ourselves but also to be admired by others. makes it easy: show up, capture the moment, and share it with the world.

One outfit, one picture, and millions of impressions

Dress up, take a picture and share your outfit! Why not impress everyone? Style matters! We are what we reveal to the outside world, our image is sometimes more important than our words! It represents our culture, our passions, and even our emotions. We can change it, improve it or copy it, but what we should never do is ignore it.

This is what is all about, it’s the perfect environment where stylish, confident, and passionate people will have the chance to show the world what well dressed really means.

We created and developed an innovative solution

with the best from both worlds is the app that will change the way people interact with fashion and it will offer them a better way of presenting and representing themselves. It will make them feel like the star of their own life! The app is dedicated to active people who are always looking to enrich their lifestyle and personal image, focused on having fun by interacting with others, covering the full circle between personal image, events, and locations. It gives voices and encourages a confident display of one’s style while creating the perfect circumstances and occasions to discover new people, new experiences and strengthen their connections with their favorite fashion brands in a flawless and easy journey.

In a world where fashion icons such as bloggers, vloggers, and fashionistas are considered the only authorities in the matter, gains back the power of the day-to-day person, passionate by fashion, style, and personal image and gives it a voice.

Shopping on the comes naturally and supports the fashion world

Posting in the app requires the user to act like a real star on the

#1 User is invited to upload a picture of himself/herself, being able to tag the clothes and accessories brands that he or she is wearing. With the help of the shape recognition feature, each clothing item will be tagged in the picture and not in its description.

#2 In order to upload the picture, the user has to be present at a specific event. His or her presence at the event is authenticated by his or her location.

#3 Every location has a rating given by people present at previous events in the same location. This rating will influence the user’s personal overall one, composed also of the general average of the previously visited locations. With one simple post, the user will share 3 different things, generators of multiple reactions, according to the brands he is wearing, the type of the event and the rating of the location.

Meet new people through the Live Chat is designed to also encourage live interactions between its users, present at the same event. It is why one of the iconic features of the app – the Live Chat – is available only during events. This feature also offers a private and a public chat functionality: the public one allows all users to participate, while the private one requires a user to send an invitation and the recipient to accept it, in order to start chatting. offers users a flawless journey!

Fashion influencers, bloggers or other fashion aficionados never had the chance until now to promote directly a specific fashion product. The architecture of social media networks compelled them to direct their followers outside the app, to 3rd parties shopping stores and rarely to the official brand website.

Inside, it only takes one click on the item tagged in a user’s post to go directly to the brand’s official page, check all the details of that specific product and purchase it on the spot. Never has it been a faster road from a fashion item you like, to checking all its details and buying it. Even more so, it is a must for us to make our users feel safe inside the app, so we don’t collect any general personal data that will invade his or her privacy, fully respecting all the new GDPR rules.

This innovative shopping experience helps brands and customers just the same, as it has the rich potential of becoming an imminent and successful fashion promotion environment. For brands, can provide the easiest way for customers to go from “I like this” to “I bought this”. By only linking the official brand page to each fashion item, encourages the fight against counterfeit and fake clothing items, supporting brands in this global effort.

Enjoy a better image, more social ventures and flawless fashion shopping experiences with In this journey that we call life, becomes your closest companion, sharing and enhancing your story as it unfolds.